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electionlineWeekly--June 9, 2011

Table of Contents

III. Research and Report Summaries

electionline provides brief summaries of recent research and reports in the field of election administration. Please e-mail links to research to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Voting System Scorecard: Are States Serving the Rising Electorate? – Rock the Vote, June 2011: Rock the Vote evaluated state election laws and practices to assess how well states are serving young voters in three broad categories: voter registration, casting a ballot, and young voter preparation.

Bubble Trouble: Off-Line De-Anonymization of Bubble Forms - Joseph A. Calandrino, William Clarkson and Edward W. Felten, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, June 2011: The researchers examine fill-in-the-bubble forms used for surveys, election ballots, and standardized tests. They find that the bubble markings do not necessarily keep the user’s identity anonymous, noting this leaves the secrecy of some election ballots susceptible to attack. Ways to mitigate these threats are discussed and future research is suggested.