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electionlineWeekly — March 29, 2012

Table of Contents

IV. Opinions

National: Weekend voting; Voting rights; Latino voters; Voting Rights Act; Voter ID

California: Vote-by-mail

Colorado: Voter ID

Connecticut: Voter registration; Election reforms

Florida: Election reform law, II; Palm Beach County

Georgia: Voter ID

Illinois: Primary problems; Winnebago County; Election judges

Iowa: Voter ID

Maryland: Early voting

Massachusetts: Pre-registration

Michigan: Secretary of state; Voter ID

Minnesota: Voter ID, II; Same-day registration

Mississippi: Voting Rights Act

New Hampshire: Voter ID

New York: Vote count

North Carolina: Voter ID

Oregon: Election date; Kate Brown

Pennsylvania: Voter ID, II

South Carolina: Open primaries

Tennessee: Election date

Texas: Voter ID

Utah: Voter turnout

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