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electionlineWeekly — December 27, 2012

Table of Contents

I. In Focus This Week

In and Out 2013
What’s out and what’s in for 2013 in elections

You’ve waited all year for it, so without further ado, here is electionlineWeekly’s annual list of what’s in and what’s out in election administration for 2013.

And as always, a hat-tip to The Washington Post that began their version of the In and Out List in 1978 and inspired us to start ours.

Happy New Year!

OUT: Hanging Chads
IN: Long lines

OUT: Decade-old voting machines purchased in wake of 2002’s HAVA
IN: New voting machines (if counties can afford them)

OUT: Voter fraud/voter suppression
IN: Panels, task forces and committees to review election process

OUT: Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed
IN: Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman

OUT: Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan
IN: Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander

OUT: Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers
IN (again): Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap

OUT: Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (see 2012’s In and Out list)
IN: Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson

OUT: Guessing about problems
IN: Evaluating elections with data

OUT: Winging it
IN: Actually planning for disasters

OUT: (well, not quite as In): Election research on the effect of Voter ID laws
IN: (really In): Election research on what causes long lines at precinct polling places

OUT: "Us vs. them" thinking
IN: Collaboration among stakeholders

OUT: Voter ID in Pennsylvania and South Carolina
IN: Voter ID in Pennsylvania and South Carolina

OUT: Same-day registration in Wisconsin
IN: Same-day registration in Wisconsin

OUT: Traditional polling places for most California voters
IN: Vote-by-mail for a majority of California voters

OUT: Any pollster who isn’t Nate Silver
IN: Nate Silver

OUT: Tens of thousands of True the Vote poll watchers
IN: Tens of True the Vote poll watchers

OUT: Traditional voter registration drives that collect paper applications
IN: Advance, secure online tools that link official state online voter registration to Web sites like Facebook and Rock the Vote.

OUT: Hand-wringing and chaos over new voting machines in New York
IN: Hand-wringing and chaos over ongoing election problems in New York City

OUT: Early voting in Florida
: Early voting in Florida

Special thanks go to: Pam Smith, Thad Hall, Sean Greene and Sam Derheimer who all contributed to this year’s In and Out list.