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electionlineWeekly — August 8, 2013

Table of Contents

I. In Focus This Week

The List
One last In and Out List from your friends at electionline

Since we don’t know if we’ll be back by the end of 2013 (fingers crossed we are), we wanted to give you one last In and Out List.

This In and Out List takes a look at what’s in and out in election administration so far in 2013 and what’s in and out in the history of electionline.

OUT: Worrying that vote-by-mail will ruin the polling place experience
IN: Worry that the U.S. Postal Service will ruin vote-by-mail

OUT: Sec. 4 of the VRA
IN: Sec. 3 of the VRA

OUT: “Percent of precincts reporting” on election night
IN: “Percent of expected votes”

OUT: Polling places
IN: Vote-by-mail, early voting, vote centers, consolidated precincts

OUT: Early voting and same-day registration in North Carolina
IN: Voter ID and paper ballots in North Carolina

OUT: Purchasing new voting equipment with HAVA funds
IN: Purchasing new voting equipment on tight local budgets

OUT: Debates over voting technology
IN: Debates over voter ID

OUT: Carter-Ford commission
IN: Presidential Commission on Election Administration

OUT: Numerous secretaries of state in electionline’s 12 years
STILL IN: New Hampshire’s Bill Gardner (’76), North Dakota’s Al Jaeger (’93) and Massachusetts William Galvin (’95)

OUT: Political junkies
IN: Election geeks

: 40 years of Section 5 litigation 
IN: 40 years of Section 2 litigation

OUT: Saturday mail delivery
BACK IN: Saturday mail delivery

OUT: Concession speeches on election night
IN: “I’m going to wait until all the votes are counted”

OUT: More and more schools as polling places
IN: Searching for accessible, acceptable sites for polling places

OUT: Traditional pen and paper voter registration
IN: Online voter registration (18 states and counting)

OUT: ElectionlineWeekly
IN: The Canvass

OUT: “I’m writing to complain about something that was in electionline!”
IN: “I’m writing to say how much I’ll miss electionline!”

And because we’ve covered this in just about every In and Out List we’ve ever done:
OUT: Optical scan voting machines for NYC 2013 primary
IN: Lever voting machines for NYC 2013 primary

Editor’s Note: Thank you again to everyone who has read eletionlineToday and electionlineWeekly for the past 12 years. We appreciate your readership and your feedback and from so many of you, your friendship.