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electionlineWeekly — October 30, 2014

Table of Contents

 II. VIP Update

Get to the polls
With the United States midterm election just days away, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Voting Information Project (VIP) has been working around the clock.  VIP, which was developed by The Pew Charitable Trusts, Google, and election officials nationwide, offers cutting-edge technology tools that give voters access to the customized information they need to cast a ballot on or before Election Day.  This year, VIP is offering free apps and tools that provide polling place locations and ballot information for the 2014 election across a range of technology platforms.   Read more >>>

Further, Pew partnered with The Internet Association, which is made up of the world's leading technology companies, to launch www.gettothepolls.com to help voters find all the information they need to vote on November 4th.  Get to the Polls will allow voters to find their official polling place, hours of operation, and full ballot summary based on their residential address information.  Get to the polls >>>  Help us get the word out on Twitter using #gettothepolls.