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Election Day 2014 Dispatches

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Election Day Dispatches

9:15 p.m.
Polls are now closed in the Eastern and Central time zones and elections officials are busy tallying votes. We’ll have plenty more news and information for you tomorrow morning, but for now, we’ll follow-up on some issues from polling places around the country.

We began the day with the sad news of the passing of Prince Edward County, Virginia General Registrar Dale Bolt and unfortunately we must end the day with news of the passing of Atlantic County, New Jersey elections chair Paula Dunn died today. Dunn had been sick much of the year.

As in previous reports, by-and-large it’s been a relatively smooth day, although as always there have been scattered problems reported at the polls in states from coast-to-coast.

Due to some of those said problems, polls are remaining open late in some parts of Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina and South Dakota.

As we noted previously, in early reports from voter ID states, there were few, if any problems with new photo ID laws, although as NPR’s Pam Fessler noted, we’ll never know about those voters who failed to show up today because they didn’t have an ID.

It is too early to have any hard results in secretary of state races and election-related ballot initiatives, but the Associated Press has called the Ohio race for incumbent Secretary of State Jon Husted and in Kansas, one local media outlet referred to the secretary of state as a dead heat.

In Colorado, which was conducting its first vote-by-mail/vote center election, the Statewide Colorado Registration and Election system needed to be rebooted due to technical problems that had slowed the vote at vote centers all day.

And to finish up our dispatches for the day, electionline wants it noted that we’ve heard far too many stories about voters not getting their “I Voted” stickers.

A complete round-up of news and information from 9:00 p.m. is below:

National News: Election problems cause delays, confusion | The weirdest and coolest polling places in America | Activists bemoan voting glitches | Stuck on You: 'I Voted' stickers are hot commodity, cool |

Alabama: About 100 Madison Co. voters turned away when poll inspectors cant' contact registrars for provisional ballots

Arizona: Election Day: Some problems with polling places

Arkansas: ACLU concerned voter ID standards compromised at polls

California: Electronic voting machine replace in Bonny Doon after it records false vote | Voting unplugged (briefly) at Marshall Elementary | Santa Clara Co. largely votes by mail | Power outage momentarily dims voting at San Fernando polling places | County elections site experiences problems throughout day | School lockdown temporarily closes polling location in Donna

Colorado: Newspaper owner told not to take photos at polling center | Amid controversy, Gessler visits Boulder Co. clerk's office | State voter verification system back online | Scattered election computer problems reported

Connecticut: Judge extends voting hours at 2 Hartford polling places | Voters given wrong ballots in Naugatuck

Florida: Voters, poll workers face a few wrinkles for Election Day on First Coast

Georgia: Counties gear up for long night to count votes | Parking a headache at Gaines School polling place | Georgia SoS voter info website crashes on Election Day

Hawaii: Some minor delays reported at two Oahu polling places

Illinois: Touch-screen voting machines fixed in most McHenry Co. voting locations | Electronic voting machines unpopular | 5 Lake Co. polling places will remain open until 9 p.m. following lawsuit | Court says Lake Co. broke election rules | Didn't get an 'I Voted' sticker? Here's why?

Indiana: Greenwood power outage forced voters elsewhere | Indiana candidate arrested at polling site for stealing signs

Iowa: Fan fire responsible for polling place move | No "I Voted' stickers for Polk Co. voters

Kansas: Overland Park woman faces computer problems at her polling place | Election Update: SoS race

Kentucky: BOE headquarters monitors voting, ensuring smooth run

Louisiana: Voting machine problems in DAs race checked | Poll problems: Machine malfunctions reported in Caddo, Bossier | Voters sent to registrar's office instead of precinct | Polling location chagnes cause confusion

Maryland: Voter turnout steady, 44 complaints about machines | Edgewater Elem. polling place evacuated briefly

Massachusetts: Man reported shot near Dorchester polling place

Michigan: Church defends 'Vote Biblically' sign posted near polling place | No 'I Voted' stickers in Bay Co.'s Monitor Township

Missouri: Rain appears to have kept some from Greene Co. polling places

Montana: Voters get registered, cast ballots

New Jersey: Atlantic Co. elections chair dies on Election Day | Judges: Burlington Co. mail-in ballots can be counted | Somerset Dems challenge 17 absentee ballots | Morris Court hears few disputes between voters and polls

New York: Few problems reported at city polling sites

North Carolina: Several voting machines down in Thomasville | Election officials said not all machines were down at polling station | Glitch reported in Charlotte precinct | NC BOE holds emergency meeting; extends hours of 1 Robeson Co. precinct | State BOE reports few problems | Two-car wreck at polling site sends 2 to hospital | Robeson Co. precinct remains open till 8:15 | Wake Co. clears voters flagged as 'likely non-citizens'

North Dakota: Problems at polling places include voter ID complaints, campaigning

Ohio: Cuyahoga Co. BOE ready to tackle tech hiccups | Law doesn't stop sex offenders from voting in schools | Voting precinct used as educational resource | AP: Husted wins SoS race

Pennsylvania: Problems with voting machines in Fayette Co. | Wrong ballots in Fayette Co. voting precincts

South Carolina: Aiken Co. residents give mixed reviews at the polls

South Dakota: Election results delayed tonight | Polls closing an hour late | Two Shannon Co. polling sites open late, delay results

Tennessee: Memphis veteran turned away from polling location

Texas: Voting irregularities: Jefferson Co. GOP decry voting machine problems | Voters dealing with lockdowns, broken computers at polling locations | Taylor Co. voters react to new polling places | Garage doubles as Election Day voting precinct | I voted. Where's my sticker

Virginia: Voting machine problems in Newport News, Va. Beach | State: 32 machines at 25 Va. Beach precincts had problems | Roanoke Valley voters remember to turn up with photo ID | New photo ID leads to some temporary IDs, provisional ballots

Wisconsin: Polling place posts controversial sign | No major issues at Milwaukee polling places | GAB: Possible record turnout