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Election Day 2014 Dispatches

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11:30 a.m.
Polls are now open from coast to coast with Alaska and Hawaii coming onboard shortly.

There have been scattered reports of lines and problems throughout the morning and some of the earlier problems such as the ones in Hartford, Connecticut and Floyd County, Indiana have been resolved.

Voters in polling places in several different states faced lines during early morning voting. Voters in Bull Shoals, Arkansas were forced to wait almost an hour to cast their ballot due to mostly to turnout, but also to the malfunction of a voting machine.

Long ballots in Fayette County, Kentucky were contributing to long lines at polling places as voters sorted through their choices.

Technical glitches during the early morning rush delayed voters in Topeka and Shawnee County, Kansas.

In Georgia, thanks to a tightly contested race for U.S. Senate, voters were reporting longer than normal lines. During the early morning hours, vote wait times of up to 40 minutes were not uncommon. One of the more interesting problems faced voters casting ballots on the campus of Georgia Tech. While voters were told they would not be charged for parking if wearing an “I Voted” sticker, some voters complained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that they were charged.

While there were several pre-election problems in Illinois, from questionable robo-calls to election judges and a last-minute lawsuit in Rock Island County, Election Day, by-and-large seems to be going smoothly although there have been some reported problems in Chicago. And in a shocking twist, a voter in Peoria complained about not getting an “I Voted” sticker.

Based on early reports, there didn’t seem to be any issues with Virginia’s new voter ID law, but there were problems with voting machines in several jurisdictions in the southern part of the state.

And in the District of Columbia, someone broke into a polling location in the Southeast section of city overnight and stole four electronic poll books. The poll books were replaced in time for voting and a spokesperson for the D.C. Board of Elections said that the voter information on the computers could not be accessed without being connected to the DCBOE’s network.

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