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Election Day 2014 Dispatches

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 8:30 a.m.
Good morning America! Polls are open (or opening up) throughout the Eastern and Central time zones. We’ll update the listing of stories throughout the day and keep you posted via these occasional dispatches.

Of course, if anything big breaks, we’ll  let you know about that as soon as possible.

Anecdotally so far things seem to be going relatively well at polling places throughout the Eastern and Central time zones, although there have been some issues.

In Prince Edward County, Virginia, General Registrar Dale Bolt passed away last night and state and other county officials are helping out. Our sincerest condolences to his family.

Voters in Hartford, Connecticut — including Gov. Dan Malloy—faced a series of problems this morning when they arrived to vote. According to the secretary of state’s office, the City of Hartford did not distribute voting lists to the polling places so it was impossible for voters to check in when they arrived.

In D.C. there are discrepancies between the voter’s guide and the Board of Elections list of polling places for one site in the Northwest section of the city. Fortunately the two sites are only a block or so apart.

Some polling sites in Caddo Parish, Louisiana got late starts because officials weren’t able to start the set up process until late yesterday when schools were let out.

Technical issues have closed four of 11 vote centers in Floyd County, Indiana. Technicians are working to correct the problems and voters do have the option of visiting one of the county’s other vote centers. All is quiet in Muncie, although there was some late set-up work.

Five Coastal Maine towns had to relocate polling places at the last minute due to a snow storm that had knocked out power to the original polling places.

And all polling places on The Big Island of Hawaii will be open today even though the schools that house the polling places may be closed do to the creeping lava flow.