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electionlineWeekly — November 6, 2014

Table of Contents

 VI. Opinions

National Opinions: Voter ID, II, III | Election Day | Noncitizen voting, II | Voter fraud, II, III | Election conspiracy theories | Online voting, II | Voting rights, II | Voting technology | Election night | Absentee voting | Voting restrictions | Voting difficulties

California: Polling places | Sacramento County| Voting access

Colorado: Wayne Williams | Election judges | New election law, II

Connecticut: Secretary of state office | Constitutional amendment, II | Hartford problems

Florida: Election reform | Palm Beach County | Provisional ballots

Indiana: Vote centers

Iowa: Voter ID

Kansas: Proof-of-citizenship

Maine: Ranked-choice voting, II

Maryland: Election system | Voting machines

Massachusetts: Instant-runoff voting

Michigan: Secretary of state race

Minnesota: Ranked-choice voting | Election judges

Missouri: Early voting

New Mexico: Ballot font | 2012 problems

New York: Same-day registration | I Voted stickers

North Carolina: Voting law | Polling places | Voter registration

Oregon: Top-two primary

Pennsylvania: Student volunteers | Voter fraud

South Carolina: Voter ID

South Dakota: Ranked-choice voting

Texas: Voter ID, II, III

Vermont: Voter fraud

Washington: Ballot deadline

Wisconsin: Election Day | Voters with Dementia | Making voting easier