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electionlineWeekly — November 13, 2014

Table of Contents

 VII. Opinions

National Opinions: Voting machines | DOJ monitors | Vote-by-mail | Compulsory voting | Voting restrictions | Voter turnout, II, III, IV, V | I Voted stickers, II | Election Day | Voter fraud | Millennials | Voting with kids | Voting rights | Voter suppression | Voting hurdles | Voter ID | Voting laws, II

Alabama: Voter ID, II | Voting machines

Alaska: Voting loophole | Native voting rights

Arizona: Ballot counts

Arkansas: Election rules

California: Ruminations | Voting system | Santa Clara County | Vote-by-mail, II | Polling places

Colorado: Mail-in ballots | Election judges | Vote-by-mail, II | Boulder County

Connecticut: Hartford, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII | Voting system, II

District of Columbia: Election reform, II

Florida: Broward County, II | Canvassing boards | Voting fiasco | Voting experience

Guam: Voting system

Hawaii: Turnout

Idaho: Vote count

Illinois: Same-day registration | Kankakee County | Chicago

Indiana: Floyd County | Vote centers, II, III | Vigo County | Election Day | Ballot inquiry | Accessibility

Iowa: Turnout

Kansas: Election equipment | Kris Kobach | Proof-of-citizenship, II

Maine: Ranked-choice voting | Election reform

Massachusetts: Rockport voting system | Online voter registration | Poll workers | Turnout

Michigan: Vote-by-mail

Minnesota: Turnout

Mississippi: Hinds County

New Hampshire: Polling places | Voter suppression |Poll workers | Standardized poll hours

New Jersey: Write-in process

New Mexico: Sandoval County

New York: Slow results | Same-day registration | Turnout, II | Voting process | Polling places

North Carolina: Voting process, II | Polling places | Early voting | Voting sites

Pennsylvania: Poll workers, II, III

South Carolina: Straight-ticket voting | Richland County

South Dakota: Election problems

Texas: Cameron County | Voter turnout | Voting system | Vote-by-mail | Jefferson County | Polling place problems | Secretary of state pick

Utah: Voting rights | Turnout

Virginia: Voting machines | Poll workers | Charlottesville | Voter ID, II

Washington: Ballot deadline, II

West Virginia: Job well done | Turnout

Wisconsin: Poll workers