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electionlineWeekly — December 11, 2014

Table of Contents

 V. Legislative Update

California: The Sacramento City Council is considering a proposal to allow the city to use only vote-by-mail in an upcoming special election for a member of the council. Currently about 56 percent of the voters registered in the affected district are signed up as permanent vote-by-mail voters.

Missouri: State Sen. Will Kraus (an announced candidate for secretary of state in 2016) has filed legislation that would set an eight-week deadline to make changes to ballot initiatives or referendum. Current law allows changes to be made at any point within 180 days of an election. Proponents of the legislation — which includes many county clerks — argue that the move would save money.

Ohio: The Ohio House has approved a bipartisan plan to change how the state draws legislative districts. Under the current system, a five-member board draws the new boundaries every 10 years. Under the new plan, two members would be added and four votes, including at least two from minority party members of the board would be required to approve a new map. The vote was 80-4.

South Carolina: Legislation that was pre-filed last week would include concealed weapon permits to count as one of the approved forms of ID for South Carolina voters to cast a ballot.