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electionlineWeekly — December 31, 2014

Table of Contents

 V. Tech Thursday...Err, Wednesday

National Tech: The 1622.2 2014-11-24 draft standard is now in the 1st round IEEE balloting process, in which IEEE members are able to vote and/or submit comments on the draft up until Jan 15, 2015. We are also making the draft publicly available and encouraging the public to vote/comment on it, especially those in the election official and vendor community who may not be members of the IEEE. Your comments will be considered carefully and will be greatly appreciated.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission has a new online search feature for our Certified Voting Systems Map to see where state and local jurisdictions are using EAC-certified voting systems and system components in federal elections. The map allows users to quickly access key information that includes the counties/municipalities in which they are used, test plans and test reports, and other information about the systems. Categories on the map differentiate between: (1) jurisdictions using EAC certified voting systems, and (2) jurisdictions using multiple components from an EAC certified system. For more information see the updated map with search feature and Voting Systems Map FAQs.