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electionlineWeekly — October 22, 2015

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 V. Tech Thursday

North Carolina: Early voters in Cleveland County are getting the opportunity to test the county’s new ballot-on-demand system, Balotar. The county is hoping that the test—only during early voting this year—will prove successful and help the county save money in elections to come. “Typically, we order ballots, and we have to order 100 percent of the ballots,” Clifton Philbeck, deputy director of the county BOE told the Shelby Star. “With a low turnout, that’s a lot of waste. It wastes a lot of paper.”

Oregon: This week, Harney County joined a growing list of counties signing up with Clear Ballot for the company’s ClearVote next generation voting system.Clear Ballot technology is designed to bring a new class of tools to election officials with greater accuracy and transparency. Clear Ballot also provides smaller jurisdictions like Harney County a scalable and affordable solution, a solution that has been lacking in the industry prior to Clear Ballot.Dag Robinson, Harney County Clerk said, “Before seeing Clear Ballot, I was seriously considering reverting back to hand counting ballots. There simply wasn’t an affordable option available for small jurisdictions.”

West Virginia: In a meeting before the State Elections Commission, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said that the state’s three-week old online voter registration system has been “quite successful” and glitch-free since it launched.