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electionlineWeekly — November 19, 2015

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 V. Tech Thursday

Colorado: A special shout out to the Denver Elections Division for receiving the International Electoral Award from the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies for BallotTrace, a ballot-tracking system. The office was also recognized for Outstanding Achievement in Accessibility for iApp that allows voters in nursing homes to use accessible tablets as ballot-marking devices.

Maryland: According to The Washington Post, technology officials in the state have expressed their concerns over the state’s ability to implement the new paper-based voting system for the 2016 election cycle. A Department of Information Technology memo listed seven areas of concern with implementing the new system including incomplete testing, lack of security verification, problems with both hardware and software and an inability to tabulate votes.

Also in Maryland, a Baltimore entrepreneur has created an app — BmoreVot.es — to give employers the information they need to help employees register to vote, remind them of key deadlines and election dates, learn about the candidates and issues and how Baltimore’s primary works.