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electionlineWeekly — December 10, 2015

Table of Contents

 IV. Legislative Updates

Alaska: The Anchorage Assembly has voted to support conducting the 2017 city election by mail. Under the proposal every eligible voter would receive a ballot in the mail and then have the opportunity to return them by mail or in drop boxes located throughout the city. There would also be a handful of accessible vote centers to replace the 122 polling places.

Michigan: A proposal to eliminate straight-ticket voting is inching closer to approval after a substitute version of the bill included $5M in funding for new voting equipment and the bill was tied to HB 4724 which allows people to vote without an excuse. The bill has been approved by the full House and now moves to the Senate. The fate of the legislation is in question though because while the Senate approved an earlier version of the straight-ticket legislation, members, such as Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof (R-West Olive) are not fans of expanded absentee voting.

Missouri: Sen. Will Kraus (R-Lee’s Summit) has pre-filed legislation that would give the secretary of state’s office the authority to prosecute voter fraud and would also allow the secretary of state to write probable cause statements in potential voter fraud cases. Kraus is a 2016 candidate for secretary of state.