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electionlineWeekly — December 10, 2015

Table of Contents

 V. Legal Updates

U.S. Supreme Court: This week the court will hear arguments about why legislative districts in Arizona have unequal population and whether that matters legally. Plaintiffs argue that the states Independent Redistricting Commission acted illegally when it drew the lines in 2011.

Also this week, the Court will hear arguments in the Texas one person one vote case. In this case, the plaintiffs argue that Congressional districts should be based on voting-eligible population and not the total population.

Ohio: Disability Rights Ohio has filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jon Husted alleging that Husted has denied “individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to vote absentee privately and independently and to access its voter services website.”

U.S. Virgin Islands: The St. Thomas-St. John election board voted to arrest anyone on the district’s 2012 board that contributed to the alleged disappearance of 3,000 ballots from the 2012 general election. “We are consistently hearing about 3,000 votes that are out there and I think that it’s time for the 2012 Board of Election members to be held accountable,” Board member Ivy Moses told the St. Croix Source. Despite the vote, Board Chairman Arturo Washington, Jr. said it is unlikely that any previous member of the board would be arrested.