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electionlineWeekly — December 30, 2015

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V. Tech Thursday

Iowa: Advocates for the disabled are concerned that the state’s new online voter registration system — set to launch January 1, 2016 — may not be accessible to all voters. According to the Des Moines Register, the America Civil Liberties Union of Iowa says it is commending Secretary of State Paul Pate for modernizing Iowa’s voter registration system. But the organization says administrative rules aimed at implementing the system will exclude 7 percent of Iowans who lack Iowa driver’s licenses or state-issued ID cards.

Florida: An audio-enabled sample ballot will be available for Pasco voters during the 2016 election cycle. The audio ballot, a valuable tool for voters with disabilities, voters in the military and Americans living abroad, will be accessible through the LiveBallot application that is hosted on the secure Microsoft Cloud for Government.  The audio-enabled ballot is multilingual, and compatible with all major screen readers, tactile switches, closed captioning and sip and puff systems.