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Election Dispatches 03.15.16

Election Dispatches 03.15.16

Polls closed (mostly) update
The polls are now mostly all closed in the five states (Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio) holding primaries today, although a few may remain open to accommodate lines and make up for lost time when they opened late this morning

One place polls aren’t open late is Orange County, Florida. The state denied Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles request to keep them open later due to ballot shortage.

There were reports of ballot shortages throughout Illinois and some polling places experienced long lines, especially those near college campuses, with people wishing to register and vote today. Four Suburban Cook Co. polling places were forced to stay open until 8 p.m. because they opened late. And while a court allowed 17-year-olds to vote in Ohio, some in Illinois who wanted to register and vote today were turned away because of a programming glitch. The problem was fixed and an alert was sent out, but Board of Elections Chairwoman Marisel Hernandez said she didn’t know how many teens were affected.

There were also reports of ballot shortages and long lines in some Ohio and North Carolina polling places and one North Carolina polling place was forced to stay open 30 minutes because it opened 30 minutes late when an election judge overslept.

And in the oy vey moment of the day poll workers at one Polk County, Florida polling place told a couple that today’s primary was only for Republicans. “The worker was counseled. But, the truth is, no voters were turned away,” Supervisor of Elections  Lori Edwards told WFLA. “It was a mistake. It was an unfortunate mistake and it got corrected immediately.” 

We’ll have a complete wrap of all the news from the primaries along with all the other election reform news tomorrow.

Florida: Some voters hit polls twice after ballot glitch in Ocoee | Southwest Fla. turnout heavy, but lines short | Fewer convicted felons regaining their right to vote in Florida | Detzner issues statement about PBC voting | Mistake allows some FMB voters to submit extra ballot | State denies request to extend voting hours after ballot shortages | Request to extend voting hours in Orange County denied | Few hiccups in Palm Beach Gardens | Polk poll workers mistakenly tell voters election 'not for Democrats'  

Illinois: Voting machine problems reported in Green Twp. | Vermillion ballot problem: 'There's no way to undo it' | Computer problems lead to long lines for McHenry Co. voters, polls to stay open later | Heavy ISU voter turnout causes brief registration delay | Voting hours extended after ballot shortage causes problems in Adams Co. | Polling places running out of ballots in St. Clair and Madison counties | Some polling places to stay open late | Some Kendall Co. polling places ran out of ballots | Some 17-year-olds turned away from polls because of computer glitch  

Missouri: Elections officials report few glitches | High turnout reported at some Joplin polling places

North Carolina: Precinct change in Durham confuses voters | NC voters heading to polls face strict new voter ID law | Long lines to vote at UNCW precinct | North Carolinians vote under new rules | Cabarrus Co. voting extended by 30 minutes in Kannapolis precinct | Cabarrus Co. polling place opens late because judge overslept | Majority of NC polls closed | Edgecombe Co. voting precinct closed briefly | Voters complaints widespread

Ohio: Minor issues reported at polling locations in the Miami Valley | No major problems at central Ohio polls; some minor issues | Voters complain about problems at the polls |Mahoning elections board deals with GOP ballot request | Back-up power brought in to serve Summit Co. BOE on election day | High number of provisional ballots may affect races in Butler Co. | Shortage of GOP ballots in Mahoning reported  

Late afternoon update
Voters continued to flow into polling places in the fives states holding primaries today--Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio and while many of the morning glitches have worked themselves out, there has been some fallout.

Problems that surfaced this morning in Duval County, Florida with the county’s electronic poll books had been resolved in most polling places by 2:30 p.m. “We weren’t expecting it, but fortunately we planned for a contingency,” Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan told WOKV.

The polls will be open late in at least two counties, possibly more. Orange County, Florida, which struggled with data glitches has asked Gov. Rick Scott for an additional hour of voting. "A request was made to the secretary of state to extend voting an extra hour to 8 p.m. in precincts where municipal elections are taking place," Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles told News 6. "The request is pending approval by the governor." The glitch was occurring in precincts where municipal elections are also being held.  

Also in McHenry County, Illinois, polls will stay open until 8:30 p.m. under an emergency order. This is 90 minutes longer. The delayed closing is to accommodate those who may have not been able to vote earlier due to problems with e-poll books. The North Carolina Board of Elections will hold a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. to determine if polls in four counties need to be held open for polling places that opened more than 15 minutes late this morning. The additional time would be equivalent to the minutes late at the opening.

There were few reports of problems out of Ohio except in Cleveland where two poll workers got into an argument and one poll worker pulled a gun from his backpack and threatened the other poll worker. The poll worker was arrested and faces charges of aggravated menacing, carrying a concealed weapon and having weapons under a disability. He also faces marijuana possession charges.

Oh, and we’ll let the media outlets call today what they want, but we’ve come up with our name and we can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner. Et tu Super Tuesday?

Florida: Software glitch slows Duval Co. voting | Apopka polling place ran out of ballots | Some polling places running out of ballots | Voters encounter a few glitches at Central Fla. polling locations | Secretary of state: No major problems as Florida polls open | Orange County seeks extended voting hour | Reports of voting problems surface in Florida | Duval rebounding from registration machine issues | Supervisor of elections: We've been busy | Bomb hoax briefly closes polling place  

Illinois: Confusion at Chicago election voting locations | Electronic poll books cause problems for McHenry Co. voters | Feds on watch for voting rights violations | No state appropriation for election judges | Voting smooth in the suburbs | 'Huge early voting,' election officials report | McHenry Co. polls to stay open until 8:30pm | Voters make their way to the polls | Long lines, few problems reported at Chicago-area polls  

Missouri: Kansas City voters head to the polls | "I Voted" gallery | Missouri voters get a say in big primary day | Voter traffic steady at Cape Girardeau polling places  

North Carolina: Scattered problems with voting reported | Asheville election day blog | Voters turned away at one Asheville precinct | Turnout brisk at NC polling places | Polls open till 7:30 tonight | Slight voting delays reported in four counties | Sunshine, warm temps bring voters out for 2016 primary | Primary elections underway in Rowan County | Voters head to polls; computer glitch has been resolved

Ohio: Voters complain of problems at the polls | Few problems at the polls as voters cast their ballots | Slower voting in Cleveland blamed on weather | 21 precincts open around Hardin Co. for primary election | Ohio election officials seeing no major problems | Cleveland poll worker pulls out a gun during argument in polling station | Cleveland poll worker arrested after fighting with other workers and pulling a gun | Don't break this law while voting in Ohio | Election morning 'typical' in western Stark Co.  

Late morning update
Although the jury is still out on what we’re calling today--Mega Tuesday, Sorta Super Tuesday, Super Tuesday 2: Electric Boogaloo, voters are now casting their ballots in all five states--Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio--holding primaries today.

For the most part, things were going smoothly in all five states, although there were issues. In Duval County, Florida all 199 had to move to traditional paper check-in methods when a software glitch prevented poll workers from using e-poll books. Also in Florida technical glitches with electronic voting equipment were forcing several polling places in Orange County to move to paper ballots.

While voting is going smoothly, there were some issues with the check-in process in Cumberland County, North Carolina when polls opened at 6:30 a.m.. Poll workers moved to paper printouts to check in voters.

In Illinois, which is rolling out same-day registration for the first time during a presidential primary, the only major issue reported at this time during morning voting was voters in several Winnebago County polling places receiving incorrect ballots. The ballots that were handed out only contained federal races. "As much as we try to train the judges and try to remind them, maybe they just got overwhelmed first thing in the morning," Winnebago County Clerk Margie Mullins told the Rockford Register Star.

Florida: Voters encounter a few glitches at Central Florida polling locations | Leon Co. polls open smoothly | Software glitch slows Duval Co. voting | 348 polling sites open in Hillsborough Co. | Computers down at Duval polling places | School, polling place evacuated in Pompano Beach | Technical issues plague Orange CO. polling places | Students, voters evacuated from school polling place | Duval Co. supervisor of elections: All locations moving to paper check-in  

Ilinois: With Illinois primary underway, busy day expected at the polls | Voters headed to the polls in Kane Co. | Wrong ballots handed out at three polling places | Some Winnebago Co. voters receive wrong ballots  

Missouri: Polls open at 6 a.m.  

North Carolina: Voters head to the polls this morning; computer glitch slows check-in at one precinct | Voters begin lining up to cast votes | State keeping an eye on elections  

Ohio: Election day going smoothly so far | Polls remain open despite damage to building | Police investigate burglary at polling place