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electionlineWeekly — April 28, 2016

Table of Contents

 V. Legal Updates

Arizona: Superior Court Judge David Gass has thrown out a lawsuit challenging the results of the March 15 presidential preference primary. According to KPNX Gass said the voters' attorney failed to show there was any misconduct in the voting fiasco or that presidential primary's results would have been affected by any of the evidence in the two-day hearing.

New Hampshire: Snapchat filed an amicus brief in a suit in New Hampshire over ballot selfies. The brief called ballot selfies “the latest way that voters, especially young voters, engage with the political process.”

New York: Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has ruled that county’s may implement online voter registration systems instead of relying solely on the Department of Motor Vehicles. “I encourage civic and technology groups to help develop an online registration system that can bring our electoral process into the 21st century,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

North Carolina: In a 485-page opinion District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder upheld North Carolina’s 2013 election reform package that requires photo ID to vote, eliminates same-day registration and eliminates out-of-precinct voting. In the opinion, Schroeder wrote that the law serves a “legitimate state interest” in its effort to “detected and deter fraud.” The North Carolina NAACP, one of the plaintiffs in the case has announced that they will appeal the ruling.

Texas: Williamson County has settled a suit with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund that will allow voters to have the freedom to choose any translator they wish to help them while voting. Previously, only registered voters had been allowed to offer language assistance to other voters.