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electionlineWeekly — May 12, 2016

Table of Contents

 V. Legislative Updates

Alabama: On the final day of the session lawmakers approved a bill that would require the state operate a driver’s license office in every county at least two days per week. The bill was approved 99-1 in the House and 24-3 in Senate.

California: Measure C on the June election ballot in Hayward will determine whether or not the city move council and mayoral races to November.

Also in California, San Francisco supervisors voted to send a ballot measure to voters this week and if approved, it would lower the voting age for local elections to 16. The board voted 9 to 2 to place the measure on the November ballot. “Regardless of whether this measure is approved or not, (San Francisco) is starting a trend that will happen across the country, where cities like ours will consider whether young people can vote,” Supervisor John Avalos said during the meeting this week.

Delaware: The Legislature has approved SB 242 that will allow eligible ex-felons to have their voting rights restored as soon as they are released from prison, but before financial obligations may be met. The fees and fines will not be forgiven, but the ex-felons ability to cast a ballot will be restored before they are fulfilled.

New Hampshire: Senate Bill 4, that will require new state residents to live in New Hampshire for 30 days before they are able to vote, has been approved by the House. The bill was approved 203-144 but must return to the Senate due to changes made by the House. Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed a similar bill last year.

New Jersey: Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Christopher Bateman (R-16) to permit counties to conduct a study replacing traditional paper polling records with electronic poll books during the 2017 election cycle has cleared the Senate State Government Committee.

New Mexico: By an 8-0 vote, the Clovis City Commission approved a city ordinance that would require voters to show photo ID in order to vote in city elections. Earlier this year, voters approved the creation of an ordinance with 72.7 percent of the vote. The final vote on the ordinance will be June 2.

Ohio: Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) has introduced legislation that would consider all provisional ballot cast as valid unless they are cast by someone who is not registered to vote.

Also in Ohio, legislation to allow voters to register online to vote is moving forward although changes to the bill have pushed the implementation date back to 2017.