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electionlineWeekly — June 30, 2016

Table of Contents

 III. Primary Updates

Voters in Colorado, New York, Oklahoma, Utah, South Carolina and a few other localities hit polling places, vote centers, mailboxes and drop boxes in primary and runoff contests this week.

New York
While voters in New York faced none of the problems they did in the April presidential preference primary, there were pockets of issues.

In Columbia County three names were printed on the ballot for one race when only two names should have been listed.

In New York City, a fire alarm went off at one polling place and there were reports of voters being turned away as well, but the Board of Elections reported they could not look into the problems of the voters being turned away since none of them contacted the BOE. And one race remains still too close to call and will wait on absentee ballots which will be counted after the 4th of July holiday.

Several voters in Tulsa were turned away after precinct officials failed to read the instruction letter correctly which stated that voters in all parties were allowed to vote in the city’s nonpartisan municipal primary. The Tulsa County election board called every polling place to remind them of the elections rules.

Also in Tulsa, although final numbers are still being tallied and analyzed, anecdotally elections officials noted an uptick in young voters coming to the polls on Tuesday.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations is investigating reports of voter registration irregularities in Murray and Garvin counties where it appears that voter registration forms were tampered with.

Voters in 20 counties cast their ballots by mail this election and while the final numbers still have not been tallied, it appears that overall turnout in Utah is up. There were also no reports of long waits for results has had been in the past.