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electionlineWeekly — August 11, 2016

Table of Contents

 III. Primary Updates

Voters in several more states headed back to the polls for their primaries this week including in Connecticut, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Sometimes light turnout can be a good thing, such was the case for Madison, which was dealing with numerous issues including the need to replace all of the city’s voting machines in the days before the primary. The light turnout also meant that poll workers could focus more time on remaking faulty absentee ballots which had been sent to voters before it was discovered there was a problem with the printing margin.

Poll workers in Janesville experienced some difficulties with a new centralized absentee counting method. The new method brings all absentee poll workers to one location to count the ballots, but according to WKOW there were some issues with transitioning to a centralized location.

There was also some ballot selfie controversy when a candidate posted a photo of his marked ballot—showing that he had voted for himself. While state law prohibits showing anyone your marked ballot, Elections Commission Spokesman Reid Magney said the manner is complicated because the law was written long before the days of cell phone and because the commission does not have the authority to prosecute.