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electionlineWeekly — August 18, 2016

Table of Contents

 IV. Election News This Week

  • Following an Appeals Court ruling reinstating early voting, North Carolina county election boards have been working to comply with the order. Word comes this week that an email from the state’s GOP executive director to county elections officials is calling on them to limit early voting hours. “Republicans should fight with all they have to promote safe and secure voting and for rules that are fair to our side,” Dallas Woodhouse wrote in his email. “Our Republican board members should feel empowered to make legal changes to early voting plans that are supported by Republicans.”

  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told state officials this week that federal cyber security experts could scan for vulnerabilities in voting systems and provide other resources. In his call with state officials this week, Johnson encouraged the state officials to comply with federal cyber recommendations, such as making sure electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet while voting is taking place.

  • Unfortunately Louisiana officials are used to preparing for an election in the wake of catastrophic flooding so that’s why this week Secretary of State Tom Schedler said his office is already making preparations to set up mobile voting precincts where needed in the wake of this week’s historic flooding in parts of the state. "We're assessing what schools, fire stations and the other places where we typically have precincts have been damaged and when they're expected to be available," Communications Director Meg Casper told The News Star. "We have many processes already in place from Katrina.”

  • The National Conference of State Legislatures has put together an overview of the state-by-state laws regarding poll watcher qualifications. According to their research, West Virginia appears to be the only state that does not allow poll watchers to observe elections.

  • At the cost of $500,000 Ohio officials will hold a special election in September with only one candidate on the ballot. The September 13 election is a Democratic primary to replace former U.S. Rep. John Boehner. “Regardless of how many are on the ballot, if you have an election, it’s a full-blown election and you move forward,” Clark County BOE Director Jason Baker told the Springfield News Sun. “It doesn’t matter if it’s one, two or 50 candidates.”

  • Personnel News: River Falls, Wisconsin Clerk Lu Ann Hecht is retiring at the end of the year. Kelly Gillis, chairman of the Miami County, Ohio board of elections is stepping down at the end of 2016. Franklin County, Ohio Elections Director William A. Anthony, Jr. has resigned. Joyce Simon has been named the chair of the Hawkins County, Tennessee election commission.