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electionlineWeekly — October 6, 2016

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursday

Georgia: Following an unsuccessful technology update at the state’s Department of Driver Services the state is asking anyone who tried to register online to vote between Friday evening and Monday morning to re-register. The failure caused an error that blocked instant verification of electronic voter registration applications for people using their driver’s license number to confirm their identity.

Iowa: Elections officials throughout the state now have access to a database that contains 56,997 records of convicted felons not eligible to vote and about 250,000 records of Iowans who have had their rights restored dating back to 1984. The difference between this database and past databases is that it includes those with and without their rights restored. “It’s about as comprehensive as we’re going to see,” Secretary of State Paul Pate told the Quad-City Times. “It’s the first time that we’re aware of that we have a complete list of felons with their rights restored. It’s not just a list of felons. That was always the question mark.”

West Virginia: More than 56,000 West Virginians have either registered for the first time or updated their voter registration since the state’s online voter registration system launched. In September alone, there were more than 11,000 interactions with the system and on September 23, following the Facebook prompt, 4,502 people registered to vote, that’s 2,893 percent higher than the daily average.