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electionlineWeekly — October 27, 2016

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursday

National Tech: BallotReady.org is a nonpartisan online voter guide to every candidate and referendum on the ballot. We have background information on candidates including stances on issues, previous experience, endorsements and bar association evaluations. We have voter guides up for 10 states: Illinois, California, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts.

California: The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s office will be using geospatial technologies and Snapchat to improve elections operations and promote turnout. According to SCVNews, the office is implementing a mobile app called Workforce for ArcGIS, from geospatial enterprise software corporation ESRI to make the process of troubleshooting work more efficiently. “This mobile app will allow our department to track the real-time location of troubleshooters using an interactive web-based map,” said Jeramy Gray, Assistant Registrar-Recorder County Clerk, for Information Technology. “Each polling place and troubleshooter will be geotagged giving the dispatcher the ability to quickly dispatch the nearest troubleshooter to the polling place.”

Rhode Island: More than 12,500 Rhode Island residents who used the upgraded DMV computer system to update their voter information or register for the first time were inadvertently categorized as “unaffiliated.” According to the Providence Journal, The state Department of Revenue director, Robert S. Hull, who oversees the DMV, said Friday that the DMV "was made aware" of the problem midweek, and is "working diligently with the secretary of state’s office and our vendor — SAFRAN MorphoTrust USA — to make sure that all voter registration information received through the DMV is accurate and up to date.”

Texas: Hidalgo County has recently updated its website in order to comply with the Voting Rights Act. The county was one of 37 to receive a letter from MALDEF alleging that it needed to provide the site in Spanish as well as English. While the Spanish was there, it was difficult to find. “We had no idea,” said Hilda Salinas, election analyst with the county. “When we received the letter, we immediately added the necessary links to make the information more readily available and easier to find.”