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electionlineWeekly — October 27, 2016

Table of Contents

 VIII. Opinions This Week

National Opinion: Bush v. Gore; Voter ID |Voter fraud, II, III | Rigged election, II |Good news on voting | Voting system | Automatic voter registration | Ballot bullies | Vote-by-mail | Improving elections | Vote-by-mail

Alabama: Rigged election

Alaska: PFD registration

Florida: Flagler County | Court rulings | Ion Sancho | Voter registration

Illinois: Logan County

Indiana: Voter fraud

Iowa: Ex-felon voting rights, II

Kentucky: Election integrity

Louisiana: Voter fraud

Maine: Legitimate elections | Election process | Ranked choice voting, II, III

Minnesota: Voting system

Mississippi: Ballot security

Montana: Secretary of state race

New Hampshire: Confidence in voting system

New Jersey: Rigged election | Voter fraud

New Mexico: Secretary of state race

Ohio: Voter purge | Poll watchers

Oregon: Secretary of state race, II

Pennsylvania: Voter fraud, II | Election fears | Rigged election | Polling places | Philadelphia elections

Rhode Island: Voter ID

Tennessee: Voter fraud | Online voter registration

Texas: Voter fraud | Voting machines, II | Voting Rights Act | Guns at polling places | Poll watchers

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ballot do-over

Utah: No excuses

Virginia: Online voter registration | Election officials

Washington: Secretary of state race

West Virginia: Secretary of state race

Wisconsin: Voter fraud