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electionlineWeekly — November 3, 2016

Table of Contents

 III. Early Voting Updates

Early voting continued at what will most likely end up being a record-setting pace this week. There were reports of long lines from sea to shinning sea (and everywhere in between) throughout the whole week.

This is just a brief look at some of the issues that popped up during the week with some of them clearly serving as a pre-curser to Tuesday.

Georgia — Georgia elections officials continued to look into reports of voting machines “flipping” votes although they could find no evidence that there were technical issues with any of the state’s voting machines.

Florida — in Florida, where more than 4 million people have already voted, at least five voters in Seminole County have voted even though they didn’t cast their ballot. Someone stole the ballots and forged the signatures before returning the completed ballots.

Iowa — a voter in Des Moines was arrest and charged with voter fraud after purposefully casting two ballots because she was afraid the election was rigged and wanted to make sure that at least one of her ballots counted.

Maryland — in Howard County, a volunteer at the county’s early voting site filed a complaint about voter intimidation claiming that a campaign co-chair was intimidating volunteers.

Ohio — early voting was relatively smooth in the Buckeye State this week although a squirrel (!) did knock out the power to the Miamis County Board of Elections office where early voting was taking place and officials in Hamilton County has to dispel rumors that dogs were being used to dissuade African American voters.

Texas — early voting continued at a record-breaking pace throughout much of the state. Although the complaints about “vote-flipping” seemed to die down this week compared to last, there were still some issues. Probably the biggest issue this week was complaints about voter ID rules not being properly conveyed to voters. Also, one voter was arrested when he refused to take off campaign ware before entering the voting site. And in Dallas County, a man who was removing an illegal election sign was cut by razor blades that were attached to the sign.