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electionlineWeekly — November 3, 2016

Table of Contents

 VIII. Tech Thursday

National Tech: ES&S has produced a nice “thank you” video for elections workers showcasing all the work that goes into running an election. And while the video—which was filmed during the 2016 primary season—certainly features ES&S’ equipment, we think it’s a nice sentiment.

California: This week, the secretary of state’s office launched the Vote California app, a free app for iPhone and Android that allows voters to access information from their smartphones. “Whether you need to look up your polling place, check your voter status or learn about what’s on the ballot, this app is another tool voters can use to get informed before the November 8 General Election,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a statement.

New York: Onondagao County announced this week that it has new software for its website that should hopefully improve the election night experience. "People want instant results and they want instant data, and this is another way to show the voters of Onondaga County how their votes matter,” Dustin Czarny, the Onondaga County Elections Commissioner sold WSYR.

Oregon: The secretary of state’s office, in partnership with county elections offices has launched a new centralized website that should make it easier to track and follow results on election night. The website, which can be found at results.oregonvotes.gov, replaces the state election results website and includes individual election results pages for each county. The new election results website offers many advantages, including allowing Oregonians to track all election races in one place and displaying unified results from across Oregon’s 36 counties.