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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

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Poll workers on the Eastern side of the country are bracing for after work voters as polls are set to close in about 30 minutes in some locations and about 90 minutes in others.

In Rhode Island, which is using new voting technology for the first time, additional ballot scanners had to be brought into some polling places to help ease the flow of voters.

Ballots shortages were reported in Idaho and Wisconsin.

Orange County, California Registrar Neal Kelley said there were at least two reports of fights breaking out at county polling places.

Problems have cropped up in several areas — New Jersey, Pennsylvania — where voters have been asked to show a photo ID in order to cast a ballot even though state laws do not require it. And in Cass County, North Dakota elections officials removed signs that provided incorrect information about voter ID.

Democrats in Idaho have sued Ada County and Secretary of State Lawerence Denney to extending voting by two hours in five Boise precincts. The suit claims that polling place changes were confusing to voters and they deserved more time to vote.

Oh no! Some New York City polling places have run out of I Voted stickers. Some sites in the city ran out of them before lunchtime! Voters took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Those voters were not alone. Voters in Massachusetts and Michigan also expressed their displeasure about not getting the precious stickers.

National News: Adorable dogs show off 'I Voted' stickers on Election Day

Arizona: Pima Co. says results will come late

California: Drive-thru voting a big hit on Election Day | No major problems reported in San Diego Co. | 2 Separate fights erupt at Orange Co. polling places

Colorado: Meyers: Computer issues affect Colorado in-person voting

Connecticut: 4K mail ballots likely delay results of Westerly Council race

Delaware: First State sees limited polling place complaints

Florida: Police file charges against Fla. man in polling place incident

Georgia: Express poll machines slow voting in Fulton precinct | Fulton Co. elections director: Few voting problems | Overall voter turnout in Roswell precincts described as 'steady'

Idaho: Payette Co. short on ballots | Polling station changes among voter complaints | Dems sue Ada Co., Denney to extend five precincts' voting hours

Illinois: Voters head toward home stretch | Some Chicago voters didn't receive second ballot

Indiana: Few problems reported on Election Day in central Indiana

Iowa: Paper ballots make Iowa elections hard to rig

Kentucky: Scott Co. voters asked to return to polls | No phones allowed signs in polling places wrong

Maryland: Voters report problems at various polling places in Maryland

Massachusetts: Some people upset they didn't get an 'I Voted' sticker | Passionate voters stretch in lines outside Bay State polling places

Michigan: East Lansing police respond to report of voter intimidation | Detroit voters complaint of broken ballot boxes | Racial slurs fly in Michigan polling place fight | Woman seen spitting, using racial slurs outside polling place | Anger over lack of 'I Voted' stickers

New Hampshire: Ballot machine temporarily stops working

New Jersey: Some Jersey City voters waiting in line 3 hours | Signs requiring voters to show ID posted in NJ polling place

New York: 'I Voted' stickers run out early at some city polling places | Several BX polling places face problems | Women smother Susan B. Anthony's headstone

North Carolina: Taxpayer $ and polling places | NC returning to paper ballots | Check-in problems slow Durham Co. voting

North Dakota: Cass Co. election officials fix sign claiming ID required to vote

Ohio: Beachwood man uses social media to complain of voting experience with out-of-state license | Person threatens to bring gun to polling place after they were told they were in the wrong place | Few problems reported as Election Day goes into last hours before polls close

Oregon: A Multnomah Co. deputy chanted at voters Tuesday afternoon

Pennsylvania: DA recruiting FBI to investigate vote 'flipping' complaints | Voters asked for ID in suburban Philly | Poll workers in Mercer Co. seeing high foot traffic at voting sites | Voter turnout heavy at polling places in city, suburbs

Rhode Island: Rhode Island deploys extra voter machines to reduce lines

South Carolina: Voters report irregularities in voting machines | Voting heavy statewide, absentee ballots setting a record pace in SC | Polling places busy throughout the day

South Dakota: Pulled fire alarm will delay results

Tennessee: Ballots will be counted through midnight

Texas: Minor problems, vandalism reported at El Paso polling station | Election irregularity at Wichita Co. voting location | Voting hours extended | Austin poll worker confusion leads to extra delays

Utah: Washington Co. voting machines fixed

Virginia: 'It's been beautiful': With rights restored, 79-year-old felon votes again after 40 years | Virginia poll worker describes feelings of relief among voters | Registrar: Supporters block entrance to Albemarle Co. polling place | Elderly voter collapses, but insists on voting

Wisconsin: Clerk says voters angry about being turned away had wrong ID| Election Day keeps poll workers busier than usual | Waukesha Co. sees long lines before polling locations open | Ballot shortage impacts voters at 3 polling locations