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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

Table of Contents

4:30pm Update

According to Utah Director of Elections Mark Thomas, programming problems are affecting all the voting machines in Washington County and voters are being forced to use paper ballots. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox told The Associated Press that the problem may have cropped up with county’s switch from local precinct to centralized polling centers.

The Durham County, North Carolina board of elections is seeking permission from the state board of elections to keep the polls open an additional two hours — until 9p.m. Board spokeswoman Briana Khan said the state board demanded evidence that the polls need to remain open so the Durham board is working on that.

Things move pretty fast on Election Day and since our last posting at 2:30pm, Nevada Judge Gloria Sturman has tossed a lawsuit against Clark County. Sturman refused to issue an order in the case, saying that act could make the names of poll workers discoverable and open election workers up to harassment.

How could something so good go so wrong? Well that’s what happened in Anchorage when someone spilled coffee on an optical scan voting machine causing it to temporarily stop working. While the polling site was waiting for a back scanner to arrive, voters placed their ballots into an “emergency slot” for later counting.

In what may be another first for electionline, we’ve come upon a report from Santa Clara County, California that a polling place in San Jose had to be evacuated due to a fire alarm from someone burning toast. The evacuation lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. Well at least it wasn’t burnt microwave popcorn!

National News: No, ICE is not mass deporting people from polling sites

Alaska: Spilled coffee causes temporary problems for voters and the Division of Elections

Arizona: Arizona election officials scramble to confirm signatures

California: Long lines, few major glitches at LA County polling places | Fresno Co. voting going smoothly--except for one woman's vote-by-mail surprise | Voters confused, frustrated in long lines | Spanish-language ballots in short supply at some sites

Connecticut: Berlin among polling stations experiencing voting problems

Delaware: Turnout heavy as Delaware voters go to the polls

Florida: Voting going well with scattered incidents state says | Election Day Surprise: You already voted! | Commissioner challenges 100 voters | Cape Coral precinct changes location

Georgia: Polling site evacuated after fire | Handful of voting problems reported amid heavy turnout | Voting issues cropping up in DeKalb

Illinois: When is it OK for an election judge to ask for an ID?

Kentucky: Students experience polling location confusion

Louisiana: Metairie attorney challenges polling site distance requirement | Louisiana Blue Dog 'I Voted' stickers showing up on eBay

Maryland: Long lines, broken scanners reported at some polling sites

Massachusetts: Election proceeding smoothly in Marlborough after voting machine malfunction | Lawrence reports broken voting machines | At local polling places, issues reported and relief as election nears its end | Construction poses challenge for Hadley voters

Minnesota: Smooth voting reported at polling places across Minnesota

Missouri: Some voters face long lines

Nebraska: Third try's the charm for voting vet

Nevada: Judge denies motion in polling place suit| First-ever voting near Pyramid Lake inspired big turnout

New Hampshire: Heavy voter turnout across the Granite State

New Jersey: New Jersey elections officials say no issues

New Mexico: Voting going smoothly at polls across NM

New York: Voting delays reported in Broome Co.| Phones ringing off the hook for free rides to the polls | Jammed ballot machines cause 'epic' two-hour wait | 'You're just here to help people:' A day in the life of poll workers | Where's my 'I Voted' sticker? Dismayed CNY voters want stickers | Candidate's son Tweets, then deletes photo of ballot

North Carolina: Durham Co. seeks to extend voting by 90 minutes | Issue arise at East Charlotte polling place

Rhode Island: Unclaimed mailbag leads to polling place evacuation

Pennsylvania: Voters claim voting machines 'changing' ballots | Argument leads to shove outside polling place | Why are Bibles in Philly polling places

Texas: Students wait in lengthy lines to vote at UT campus polling places | Hundreds of voters mistakenly go to Keller Town Hall | As lines thin, voter confusion continues

Utah: Officials fixing S. Utah voting machine problem |Glitch disrupts voting in Washington Co.| Voting problems threaten thousands of ballots

Virginia: Voting rights restored, homeless man thwarted by election bureaucracy | Richmond precinct captain got 'goosebumps' over felon's first vote | Radford registrar reports student-related ballot issue| Free hugs at Staunton voting ward | Heavy turnout reported in Arlington

Wisconsin: Heavy turnout, few problems in Milwaukee, statewide