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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

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2:30 p.m. Update

Voting continues at a brisk pace throughout the country although some voting sites have reported a mid-day lull in voting.

Isolated voting machines problems persist nationwide and even though there has been a bit of a mid-day lull, there are still voters in line in many locations.

In a bit of non-Election Day news, the Clark County, Nevada registrar of voters has been sued for allowing a polling place to remain open late during early voting. Although law allows those in line as of 8pm to cast a ballot, the lawsuit alleges that the county allowed voters to join the line after 8pm.

Voters in Shasta County, California have been experiencing difficulties with the state’s website. The secretary of state’s website is providing incorrect polling place information so voters are being encouraged to use the county site.

In Broward County, Florida two clerks—one Republican and one Democrat—from a precinct in Pompano Beach were fired after they got into fight at a polling place. Voting was not interrupted.

We’re very sad to report that long-time Grand Prairie, Texas election judge Gary Wilcox was found dead in his home this morning. An alternate election judge was able to get the polls open by around 8 a.m. A judge was set to determine if polls would remain open late to accommodate the lost time.

And, while we’ve had no reports of cars crashing into polling places yet, we have had a report from Knox County, Tennessee that one voter had their car stolen while they were voting.

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Tennessee: Car stolen while man votes

Texas: Election Day in Spring hampered by tech issues | Long lines await some voters | Judge's death causes voting delays in Grand Prairie

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