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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

Table of Contents

1 p.m. Update

Polls are now open everywhere in the United States and the morning rush has started to die down a bit.

While there continue to be scattered reports of voting machine troubles, those reports are not widespread.

As the say wears on though, we are starting to see a few voter ID-related issues and a few issues with testy voters at polling places. Still, no work on major issues with poll watchers.

In Palm Beach County a two voters had an altercation over candidates which ended with a woman spaying a man with pepper spray. The man then grabbed the woman and threw her down. Needless to say, police were called.

A man also shoved a woman in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan after the voters got into a verbal argument over their preferred candidates. The fight actually began between two women and then the man stepped in. No one was arrested or injured, but the police did take a report.

There were reports from throughout Pennsylvania that voters were being asked to show ID in order to vote, although state law does not require that.

In Los Angeles County, the county has relaxed parking restrictions around polling places so voters waiting in line to vote won’t get tickets. Also in LA County, in what is one of our favorite stories every election cycle, voters waiting in line to vote at Luxe Hotel in Brentwood were treated to breakfast.

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