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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

Table of Contents

10:30 a.m. Update

Polls are now open in the Continental U.S. Alaska (11 a.m. Eastern) and Hawaii (12 p.m. Eastern) will join the party shortly. And for those wondering, although they don’t vote for president there were other items on the ballot and, it’s already Wednesday in Guam so their 2016 election cycle is over!

It’s been a busy morning so far with lots of long lines at polling locations throughout the country and some malfunctioning voting machines and e-poll books reported. Although these issues have slowed the process down, there have been no reports of voters being denied their right to vote.

While there have been issues with machines and lines, so far we have not seen any reports of issues with voter ID. And we’ve only seen a smattering of reports about poll watchers.

Things did not get off to a good start in Baltimore, which is trying to recover from numerous problems in the April 2016 primary. Long lines greeted voters at many polling sites and at least three sites opened late.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, polling places were experiencing a shortage in pens because voters kept taking them from the polling place. The elections board is delivering more pens.

Alabama: Lines at voting precincts as polls open in Alabama | Voters face wait as polls open

Arizona: Voters reporting problems at Valley polling places

California: Does your provisional ballot really count

Arkansas: Long lines to vote at Arkansas polling places

Florida: Three West Palm polling spots having technical issues

Georgia: DeKalb polls have lines of steadily moving voters

Illinois: Polls busy as voting begins on Election Day | Voters line up at local polls

Indiana: Short lines at Crosspointe Church | Indiana voters urged to verify polling sites | People are voting despite the 'circus'

Iowa: Early Iowa voting on Election Day | Iowa paper ballots hard to rig

Kansas: Some voting machines not working early Tuesday in Wichita

Kentucky: Some long lines, machine issues at Lexington polling locations

Maryland: Delayed opening, long lines reported at Baltimore polling places | Three Baltimore polling places open late

Massachusetts: Here's what early lines look like at Massachusetts poll| Agawam election officials deal with broken tabulator

Michigan: GOP Challenger records voters’ info at Bedford Twp. Poll | Election morning marked by good spirits and good turnout

Missouri: Election Day: Long lines at polling places | Free bus rides to help voters get to polling place

Louisiana: Election protection volunteers embrace chance to help voters

New Jersey: Voting delay causes long lines this morning in one NJ district| Printing error forced hand count of mail-in ballots

New Mexico: County clerk, lawmaker vie to become top elections official

New York: Polls open to sunshine will close to raindrops | Polling place in Hartsdale momentarily loses power | Voters line the block in heavy turnout | Long lines machine errors reported at some sites | Broken machines, extensive lines, missing records plague tri-state voters on election day

North Carolina: Election turnout strong in Triangle | Voting slows in Durham due to check-in malfunction

North Dakota: Secretary of state says voting going smoothly

Oklahoma: Election officials: Voters should expect long lines | Voters forget to leave pens at Tulsa County polling places, causes pen shortage

Pennsylvania: Voting machine problems reported at Collier precinct | People turn out in big numbers | Former Erie Co. councilman reported for disturbance at Erie polling place | Pittsburgh Public Works to make sure voters have access to Beechview polling place | Minor glitches, long lines as voting gets underway

South Carolina: Long lines, machine breakdowns at Horry County polling places

South Dakota: Long lines reported at polling places

Tennessee: Voting resumes manually after machines go down in Wilson County

Texas: Minor issues at Brazos Co. polling places early Tuesday

Virginia: Machine problems, long lines greet Virginia voters | 99-year-old beats Tim Kaine to cast first ballot at Virginia polling place | In Richmond area, early morning voting heavy, with some glitches

Washington: Write-in votes are written off during counting

Wisconsin: Polls are open as voting begins across Wisconsin