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Election Day 2016 Dispatches

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9 a.m. Update

Good morning! Polls are now open throughout three time zones and much of the country is now voting. Although there were reports of early morning lines and a few problems here and there, nothing different than a typical Election Day in America.

Voting machines in several Connecticut towns weren’t functioning, so voters continued to vote and their ballots were put in auxiliary bins to be counted at the end of the day. Also in Hartford, a voter was hit by a truck around 6:10 this morning. According to local police, the voter suffered a minor head wound and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Problems were reported with voting machines in several precincts in Sedgwick County, Kansas. “We have technicians on the way, and we are resolving issues, but people can still vote paper ballots,” Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman told KFDI.

Voters faced problems in multiple Greene County, Ohio polling places including connectivity problems with check-in iPads. The iPads need to be re-booted which is causing lines. “We’re sending out board workers to the longest lines to help make them move quicker,” Llyn McCoy, deputy director of the county board of elections told Cox Media.

A voting location in Sapulpa, Oklahoma lost power early this morning. Voting was not interrupted though with the board of elections providing lighting and ballots being placed in a secure box for later counting.

In other power-related news, a downed pole with live wires limited access to a polling place in the Louisville-area of Kentucky. One voter reported to a local television station that access to the polling place was limited to those on foot.

And as we noted in our preview last week, there are always the unknown unknowns and we would classify topless women at a polling place in New York City as rather unexpected.

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