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electionlineWeekly — November 10, 2016

Table of Contents

 III. Election News This Week

The Department of Homeland Security has vowed to work with election machine vendors in the months following the election to ensure that they have correct defenses in place against a cyberattack. We understand a lot of states will be modernizing their voting machines over the next several years, and we want to make sure that as they modernize their machines, they do it in a way that is secure," an official told Politico.

In an article that we found particularly interesting, a company in County Londonderry, Ireland makes the voting booths that are used in about 40 states. Back in 1986, Patrick McGonagle invented the multi-user voting booth that many Americans voting on paper ballots see at their polling place.

Even though it was 16-years ago, the 2000 election always seems to loom large in our election psyche and if you want a piece of that election, it’s on eBay. For a couple thousand bucks you too can have one of the voting machines that was used in Palm Beach County in 2000. In 2005 you could get one of these bad boys for a mere $75, now, with so few left, that price has jumped to $2,400.

Personnel News: Rachel Bledi has been appointed to the Albany County, New York board of election commissioners. Randy Wertz, Montgomery County, Virginia registrar will retire on February 28 after 12-years in the job.