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electionlineWeekly — November 17, 2016

Table of Contents

 VI. Opinions This Week

National Opinions: Turnout | Voting system | Poll tax | Voting rights | Voter suppression | Voting alternatives

Alabama: Absentee voting

Alaska: Ranked-choice voting | Accurate vote

Arizona: Election laws | Maricopa County

California: Vote-by-mail | Election holiday

Colorado: Election laws

Connecticut: Ranked-choice voting | Registrars

Florida: Manatee County | Vote count | Ex-felon voting rights | Poll workers

Georgia: Poll workers

Idaho: Canyon County

Illinois: Voting process

Indiana: Election workers | Voting rights | Civic engagement

Iowa: Ex-felon voting rights

Kentucky: Election Day | Turnout

Maine: Ranked-choice voting | Blind voters | Hand count

Massachusetts: Early voting, II | Ranked-choice voting, II

Michigan: Election reform | Ballot selfies

Mississippi: Early voting

Missouri: Voter ID | East St. Louis | Early voting

Montana: Same-day registration | Gallatin County

Nevada: Convenience voting

New Hampshire: Rigged election

New Jersey: Voter ID | Polling places

North Carolina: Poll workers

North Dakota: Election workers

Ohio: Poll workers, II

Pennsylvania: Early voting, II | Voting rights | Ranked choice voting

Rhode Island: Voting machines

South Dakota: Vote count | County auditors

Tennessee: Shelby County

Texas: Voting machines

Utah: Vote-by-mail | Election gratitude

Washington: Voting records

West Virginia: Election workers | Rigged election

Wisconsin: Ranked choice voting | Turnout

Wyoming: Delayed results