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electionlineWeekly — December 22, 2016

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursday

Federal: Late last week, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission announced that the FBI is investigating a “potential intrusion into an EAC web-facing application.” "We're hoping that his can be resolved relatively quickly,'' Tom Hicks, chairman of the Election Assistance Commission told USA Today. The breach appeared to have happened weeks after Election Day, he said. It's not clear yet exactly when.

Maryland: A team of students from the University of Maryland took home second place in the Kaspersky Lab’s competition to design a system for digital voting. "We wanted to focus on the importance of electronic voting, given recent events," student Juan Guerroro told the Washington Business Journal. "Some of the issues and concerns we've heard about in this election are the same ones we've been hearing about for a long time, but we haven't seen a great deal of innovation going into the actual voting process."

New York: Three New York University students recently won a challenge mounted by the Kaspersky Lab, in conjunction with The Economists to design a system for digital voting that addresses privacy and security issues. Votebook, which is secure, scalable, and consistent with current voter behavior and expectations of privacy. As per the rules of the challenge, Votebook is based on blockchain technology, which creates a distributed, irreversible, incontrovertible public ledger that has been described as double-entry accounting for the digital age.

Ohio: Football, hangovers, black-eyed peas and online voter registration will all mark the start of 2017 in Ohio. This week Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that the state will finally launch its online voter registration system on Jan. 1.