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electionlineWeekly — January 5, 2017

Table of Contents

 V. Legal Updates

New York: State Supreme Court Justice Alan Scheinkman on Tuesday ruled that county GOP Chairman Lawrence Garvey and the party's executive committee had properly selected Patricia Giblin to replace Louis “Butch” Babcock as the Rockland County GOP election commissioner.

North Carolina: The North Carolina GOP has appealed a lower court’s ruling overturning the state’s 2013 election overhaul to the U.S. Supreme Court. According to WFAE, attorneys for North Carolina say in the eyes of those appeals judges, "It is always 1965." In the state's petition asking the Supreme Court to take the case, attorneys argue the lower court jumped to racial conclusions over fairly standard election practices. They point out the Republican changes would've put North Carolina's election policies in the mainstream of other states. They warn the ruling provides a roadmap for invalidating many other state laws.

U.S. Virgin Islands: A sitting member of the St. Thomas-St. John Elections Board and three others have filed a lawsuit seeking access to the V.I. Elections System’s server, which the board’s chairman has criticized as frivolous.

Wisconsin: Prosecutors in Onalaska have charged a convicted felon with voter fraud. According to the Courier Life, Mark Fisher, who is currently serving probation, admitting to voting in both the presidential primary and general election. He told officials that he knew he was ineligible to vote, but did so because he “felt that his election was important.”

Wyoming: The Laramie County clerk’s office has forwarded 27 potential cases of local voter registration fraud to the district attorney’s office. Of the potential cases, 11 were flagged for potentially being felons and 16 were flagged for potentially being non-citizens.