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electionlineWeekly — January 5, 2017

Table of Contents

 VI. Tech Thursday

Illinois: Although we tend to steer away from candidate ballot access procedures at electionline, we thought this new app from Cook County was worth a mention. The county has created the Running for Office (RFO) Starter Kit app. The app allows prospective candidates to view the elected offices they are eligible for and gather and submit all the necessary paperwork to run for office. The app was designed in-house by Cook County elections staff.

Tennessee: The Shelby County election commission is working on request for proposals for a new voter registration system that they want installed by June 30. “Mostly, we really need a system that I don’t fear is going to crash and burn,” elections administrator Linda Phillips told the Memphis Daily News. Phillips said the new voter registration system needs to be in place before the county can consider a new voting system.