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electionlineWeekly — February 16, 2017

Table of Contents

 VI. Tech Thursday

National Tech: After more than a year of investigation and collaboration Voatz, Inc. and Clear Ballot Group, Inc. are announcing their partnership to accelerate the introduction of secure, accessible remote voting in elections. Voatz brings an open source blockchain platform designed for secure, high volume remote voting on smartphones and tablets. It has been independently evaluated for security and has already been piloted successfully in several private and municipal elections in 2016.  Clear Ballot, a voting system company, has provided the Voatz team with election industry knowledge, market requirements and a rich sample election dataset that allows their engineers to understand and build support for the complexities and scale of real elections.

Idaho: Secretary of State Lawerence Denney says that he expects the state to be ready for online voter registration by the fall. “I doubt that we’ll get it up by the May election, but we would like to have it by August and November, and for the March election next year,” Denney told the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, “so that we have some time to iron out any bugs that we might find before the 2018 primary election.”

Michigan: Hart InterCivic announced this week that the Verity Voting system is not only the only all-new system approved by the State of Michigan, but that the system is 100 percent covered under the state’s voting system replacement fund. Counties that select Verity will receive full funding for the state-of-the-art system as well as coverage for five years of Hart’s industry-leading maintenance and support program.

Ohio: Lucas County is getting ready to join other Ohio counties by using e-poll books beginning with municipal elections in September. The county will decide in March which vendor to use to purchase 550 check-in tablets.

Texas: While some counties are still using voting equipment purchased shortly after HAVA was enacted in 2002, Wichita County is considering upgrading voting equipment it purchased in 2014. The county purchased the equipment from Hart InterCivic right at the tail-end of a 10-year trend in technology, according a Hart representative.