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electionlineWeekly — February 23, 2017

Table of Contents

 II. Election News This Week

It’s better to do the dumping than get dumped? In an effort to save money, the City of Meridian, Mississippi is considering working directly with a vendor — ES&S — to manage the May 2 municipal election instead of using the services of the Lauderdale County election commission. The city will pay ESS $50,927 to oversee the municipal election. For the 2013 municipal election, the city paid the Lauderdale County Election Commission $24,414, which did not include rental fees for county voting machines. However, before the city could officially decide, the county election commission voted 3-2 to rescind their offer to help with the city’s elections. According to WTOK the election commission made the decision after “much slander, misinformation, accusations and attempts to discredit the Lauderdale County Election Commission by city officials.”

The Oregon Elections Division has reviewed addresses receiving more than 10 ballots and that that only two appear to be “fraudulent.” Most of the addresses receiving more than 10 balltos are retirement homes or fraternity or sorority houses. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson told The Oregonian that it was reassuring to find only two, out of more than 6,500 addresses that are questionable. “I said, 'Really? Only two?' I was pleasantly surprised at that," Richardson told the paper.

Freshman Missouri Rep. Cheri Toalson-Reisch (R-Hallsville) has announced that she will personally help her constituents in Boone County that cannot obtain the necessary documents to get a voter ID. She supported the voter ID measure and disputes that there are disenfranchised voters so she has offered to drive anyone who needs help in getting documentation to the county courthouse and has even offered to pay for that documentation for the first person that comes forward. "I would like to know where these disenfranchised voters are. I’ve never met one, I’ve not seen one, and so I want to help these disenfranchised voters,” Toalson-Reisch told the Columbia Daily Tribune. “I don’t want them to be disenfranchised. I want them to be inclusive and to be a part of the process, not excluded at all."

Personnel News: Tommy Sandoval has resigned from the Hall County, Georgia board of elections. Larry Leake, former North Carolina Board of Elections member has been appointed to serve as a District Judge by Gov. Roy Cooper. Amy F. Grubbe has been removed from the Erie County, Ohio board of elections by Secretary of State Jon Husted.