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electionlineWeekly — February 23, 2017

Table of Contents

 IV. Tech Thursday

California: The San Francisco elections commission has asked the mayor for $4 million toward developing the city’s foray into open source voting.

Florida: After 17 years and 179 elections, Polk County is preparing to replace all of its voting machines. While the current machines still work, Supervisor of Elections Lori Edwards said they are increasingly difficult to maintain because parts are hard to come by. The cost of replacing all 167 voting machines will be about $3 million.

West Virginia: The Kanawha County commission recently agree to buy new Express Vote touch-screen voting machines and digital scanners for about $3.2 million. The county will spend an additional $349,000 for carts with privacy shields for the machines. The new equipment will allow the county to offer early voting at vote centers throughout the county. “We’re going to have community voting,” County Clerk Vera McCormick said during a commission meeting. “We’ve always wanted it. Before, we could not use it with the equipment we had. With this, we can. I have never not wanted it.”