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electionlineWeekly — May 25, 2017

Table of Contents

 VI. Tech Thursday

National: Organizers of the 2017 DEFCON — the world’s largest hacking conference — have told Politico that they plan to have a village of different opportunities for some of the 25,000 hackers in attendance to test how easily voting machines can be manipulated. DEFCON founder Jeff Moss (also known as Dark Tangent) said he’s concerned that no one has proven where the soft spots are — and the combination of non-disclosure agreements and private contracts have allowed misinformation to take root. “Pretty much, just like everything else, it’s time for hackers to come in and tell you what’s possible and what’s not,” Moss told Politico.

Arizona: Fifteen years after Arizona launched online voter registration the state is set to build a new voter registration system. The state partnered with Gartner Consulting which took six months to conduct comprehensive interviews with local election officials and voter registration personnel. “We all see this as an exciting opportunity to further secure our registration data and make needed improvements to a cumbersome and outdated system,” said Secretary Reagan. “Once we receive the proposals, our counties will be able to determine which solution works best for them moving forward.”

Virginia: For a brief period of time on voter registration deadline day the state’s online voter registration system was displaying warning messages saying the state’s website was unsecure. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch the issue lasted about an hour and was fixed shortly after officials were notified. Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortes told the paper in an email that the change occurred during a “broader site security enhancement” that “should not have been implemented” Monday.