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electionlineWeekly — June 15, 2017

Table of Contents

 VI. Tech Thursday

National: A report by Bloomberg News says that the Russian hack into the U.S.’s voting system was more widespread than originally reported. According to unnamed sources in the piece, voting systems in as many as 39 states may have been breached. Breaches allegedly include attempts to delete or alter voter information in registration datatbases and the breach of at least one campaign finance system. Once again, many states were forced to put out statements backing the security of their systems (California, Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington). Maryland’s State Board of Elections said that they detected “suspicious activity” and called in cybersecurity experts to evaluate the situation although it’s unclear if the attempted breach was from Russian hackers or some other source.

Iowa: The Iowa Secretary of State’s office has launched a new webpage to help inform voters about the state’s new voter ID law, in place July 1. “This page will be a one-stop shop for any voter looking for information regarding the electoral process and how Voter ID will work,” Secretary of State Paul Pate said. “This page will be continuously updated. It is one component of the extensive outreach we will be conducting all across the state to make sure it is easy for every eligible Iowan to vote.”

Mississippi: The state’s voter information center Y’all Vote has been recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts’ 23rd Annual Communicator Awards. The website earned Awards of Distinction in the Features, Visual Appeal and Function categories. Congratulations!

Ohio: A candidate running for an at-large seat on the Toledo City Council has created a new website, ToledoGo.tv provides a link to the state’s voter registration page and lists the dates of the upcoming primary and general elections. A web form allows voters to find their polling location and receive email reminders in the days leading up to an election.