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electionlineWeekly — June 22, 2017

Table of Contents

 V. Tech Thursday

National: VR Systems, the Florida-based voter registration software company that NSA suggests was hacked by the Russians said the company’s systems were never compromised. “We have no indication that they got anywhere close to our systems,” Ben Martin, the company’s CEO told Florida elections officials. “They never got into our systems.”

Illinois: The DuPage County election commission is looking to buy new technology to present election results on its website. The decision comes after the county’s election website slowed dramatically during the recent April primary. "It will take the data and display it in a way that's easy to access and view," Joseph Sobecki, the commission's executive director told the Daily Herald. "So we'll be able to put up election results by precinct and enable the users to filter and see the races better." Most importantly, the website shouldn't slow down like it did on April 4, when 369,728 visitors checked it for the outcome of local races and referendum questions.

Oregon: Five Cedars Group, which provides downloadable HTML ballots for the blind and disabled voters in Oregon is currently undergoing certification in California and considering expansion to other states. The group’s ballots use definition files from counties across Oregon to create downloadable HTML ballots that work with multiple screen readers including Job Access With Speech (JAWS). Blind and vision-impaired voters can navigate the ballot using the tab and spacebar keys, receive instructions audibly using screen readers, and submit names for write-in candidates.

Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Elections Commission has voted unanimously to have staff develop e-poll book software and offer it to local elections officials on a pilot basis beginning in February of 2018 with a plan to go statewide by August 2018. The project is expected to cost $124,865 in staff time.