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electionlineWeekly — August 3, 2017

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursdsay

National Tech: During the Voting Machine Hacking Village at the 25th annual DefCon in Las Vegas were able to hack into five different types of voting machines during the event. “The first ones were discovered within an hour and 30 minutes. And none of these vulnerabilities has ever been found before, they’ll all new,” said Harri Hursti, co- coordinator of the event told USA Today. The hackers were not able to change any votes on the machines, nor did anyone succeed in gaining access to a system wirelessly. Most of the machines used at the event were purchased off eBay.

Idaho: The voter lookup on the secretary of state’s website is temporarily down while the office moves server equipment. “The plan is to have it up in the next two weeks,” Tim Hurst, chief deputy secretary of state told the Idaho Press. Voters can still contact their local county elections offices to confirm their registration.