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electionlineWeekly — August 31, 2017

Table of Contents

 V. Legal Updates

California: The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California has filed suit against the state of California alleging that the state did not provide proper notice or an opportunity to fix mismatched signatures, which lead to 45,000 tossed vote-by-mail mail ballots in November 2016.

Kansas: An eight-member jury recently found in favor of the Secretary of State’s office in a lawsuit in which a former employee alleged she was discriminated against based on religion.

Missouri: Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R) filed a motion this week seeking to dismiss a lawsuit against the state’s new voter ID law. According to St. Louis Public Radio, in a statement, Ashcroft said the results of the August 8 special election prove that the law works. “When you look at the lawsuit that was brought against us, they never even claimed that it stopped anyone from being able to vote," Ashcroft said. "We’ve had all these elections and we’ve proven that the claims they made were without merit."

New Hampshire: The League of Women Voters have filed additional paperwork in their suit against Senate Bill 3. The legal filing asks the court for a preliminary injunction to stop the new law from taking effect on September 8.

New Mexico: FairVote New Mexico is asking the state Supreme Court to compel the city of Santa Fe to finally implement ranked choice voting, nine years after city residents approved of the move. In July the city council voted 6-3 to put off using ranked choice. “This is an insult to Santa Fe voters,” Maria Perez, director of FairVote New Mexico, told the Santa Fe New Mexican. She filed the lawsuit on behalf of the group, along with local voters Craig O’Hare, Ellen Ackerman and Anne Noss.

New York: A lawsuit has been filed against the New York City Board of Elections claiming that moving the LeFrak City polling place will disenfranchise mostly elderly, disabled and minority voters who live inside the housing complex where the polling site is located. The housing complex has had a polling site on its grounds for 50 years.

Also in New York, Judge P. Kevin Castel hear arguments in a case challenging the state’s ballot selfie ban.

Texas: The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily put a hold on a lower court ruling that invalidated two of Texas’ 36 congressional districts. In an order signed by Justice Samuel Alito, the high court indicated it wanted to hear from the minority groups suing the state before the state's appeal of that ruling moves forward. The high court ordered the state's legal foes to file a response by Sept. 5 to the state's efforts to keep congressional district boundaries intact for the 2018 elections.