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electionlineWeekly — September 7, 2017

Table of Contents

IV. Legislative Updates

California: The Senate has approved a bill that would require races for county offices in San Diego County only to be determined in the November general election, regardless of the results of the June primary.

Kansas: The Sedgwick County commission is working to get legislation passed in 2018 that will allow audits of election results. Kansas currently does not allow for election audits other than in the case of a specific election challenge. "We would like to do random sample auditing across our county, and that would add a lot of transparency and a lot of confidence in our election process, and right now we don’t have that," Commissioner Jim Howell told KMUW.

Maine: Gov. Paul LePage has told the Legislature that he will call them back for a special session, most likely at the end of October. One of the items up for review will be ranked choice voting.

Michigan: The Michigan Legislature is moving quickly on a plan that would allow political candidates in several cities to qualify for the November ballot even though they missed the filing deadline because of faulty information from local clerks. The House approved the proposal in a 92-13 vote. The Senate will consider the bill next week in an attempt to beat ballot printing deadlines.

Texas: A new that allows Texas residents to open carry swords and knives but the law does have a few exceptions with one of those is polling places.

U.S. Virgin Islands: The Senate Committee on Rules and Judiciary moved two elections bills recently. One, Bill No. 32-0054 would grant the supervisor of election the authority to set places, days and times for early voting and the other Bill No. 32-0097 would “bar cancellation of voter registration in every instance other than death.”