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electionlineWeekly — September 21, 2017

Table of Contents

 VI. Tech Thursday

Arizona: The state’s new E-Qual system allows eligible voters to electronically sign petitions and make contributions. A registered voter may start the process on the AzSOS’s Voter Authentication page, where personal information such as driver license number or non-operating ID number and birth date must be entered to authenticate and access the individual’s voter registration record. Once that information is provided to verify your existing voter registration and current address, the system will direct you to a page of available candidate petitions you can sign.

Mississippi: Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann announced this week that the state is no longer using Kaspersky Lab software with the state’s voting systems. Hosemann said he made the decision about a month ago after he first heard concerns about the company’s possible ties to the Russian government. The Kaspersky antivirus software is used in three counties. One has already switched to another brand the other two are in the process.

Texas: Denton County will be the first jurisdiction in the country to use Hart InterCivic’s Verity ballot-on demand system that will be electronic-based and have a paper trail as well. [Hart InterCivic is an electionline.org underwriter]

Virginia: Counties throughout Virginia are working to comply with the state’s new mandate to eliminate touch-screen voting machines. Some counties are facing a cash crunch in an effort to buy the new equipment.