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electionlineWeekly — September 28, 2017

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 VI. Tech Thursday

Florida: In an email to the state’s election supervisors, Maria Matthews, director of Florida’s Division of Elections said that the state’s online voter registration system will go live in October.

Kansas: In partnership with Democracy Works, voters in Douglas County can now sign up to receive text or email information about upcoming elections, including deadlines to turn in ballots and polling information. “Our office shares information using direct mail and traditional media, we were also one of the first election offices to use social media to reach voters," Shew said in a news release. "This project will expand our efforts to inform voters by directly communicating with them via email or text.”

New Jersey: The Union County Votes app has been fully updated and redesigned. “Mobile technology has revolutionized the way people obtain election information, so we re-designed Union County Votes to assist people with an inclusive menu, from registering to vote to filing a candidate’s petition and everything in between,” Union County Clerk, Joanne Rajoppi told The Patch. Union County was the first New Jersey county to offer such an app.